Sunday, September 11, 2011

Life Insurance Myths - Part 1

Myth 1: I'm single or married with no children, so I don't need life insurance.

Fact: Life insurance can help you cover your debts and help you provide for your loved ones in the event of death, even if you have no children.

Myth 2: I can't afford life insurance.

Fact: Term Life Insurance (which is life insurance purchased for a period of time) is typically affordable for many people. You may even be able to purchase a policy for less per month than the cost of going to the movies once.

Myth 3: I'm a stay-at-home parent. I have no income. I don't need life insurance.

Fact: If you're a stay-at-home parent, you may not have an actual income but you do provide services that would otherwise cost money - daycare, house cleaning, cooking, etc. Should you pass away, these services may need to be purchased and can cost your family thousands of dollars.

Myth 4: I have a policy through my job. If I take another job or get laid off, I'll just take this policy with me.

Fact: Typically, life insurance provided through your job is not transferable. If you leave that job, you may also be leaving your life insurance policy.

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Source: Allstate

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